Wednesday, October 8, 2008

some kids still have manners these days

My dad usually takes Sammi a mile down the road to the bus stop since she started riding the regular bus. He is out of town hunting for the next couple weeks, so after I drop the girls off to my mom in the mornings I take her to the bus stop and wait with her for the bus. I have been so very impressed with the young boy that is her same age (Clay, 13) that lives on her road. He stands behind her and makes sure she gets on the bus just fine. When I pick her up on the way home I see him wait at the front of the bus for her, get off with her, and wait to walk across the street with her. He is so very genuinely kind to her that it is amazing. Sometimes it seems like the young kids now days are not taught to be respectful and kind to each other (let along a child with a handicap such as Sammi), but this young boy taught me this week that there are still people out there with manners. It came to my attention that it probably only takes a couple extra seconds to a minute to do this each day, but what a difference it makes not only to Sammi, but to me and my family.
-I just realized how cheesy this post is. Oh well-

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heidihim said...

that's so sweet! I never texted you back but we close on our house on the 27th so we will probably move one of the days that weekend. Thanks for offering to help us!