Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally Painting

We have finally begun painting the upstairs of our home. The main walls will be tan with one maroon accent wall. We are also repainting the trim white. We got all the trim in the kitchen finished late last night. I am so excited. I have been begging Les to paint since we bought the house in January. It was just too much white and had too many bad touch up spots. When it is done I will post a picture. Special thanks to my bro-in-law Jon who got us the paint and is going to help us pull this project off. We are not great painters, so I am greatful that we have the talent in our family.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Addison Dances

As of June Addison is fully potty trained (day and night). We were so proud of her that we decided to let her sign up for dance lessons this year. She was picky as usual when it came to picking out the dance outfit. She had to have the skirt separate and it definately needed to be pink with sparkles. She started last week and loves it. I got to stay and watch her first class and was amazed at how confident she is. The girls got to choose if they wanted to pretend to be the big bad wolf or one of the three pigs while dancing to a song. Addison was the only one who wanted to be a pig and was not intimidated at all that the other 4 girls were coming after her growling. Her dancing is hillarious, but in just five days she has learned how to skip and how to do sommersaults. I am so proud of her. It will be fun to see how much she grows by the Christmas program.

Payton is Standing (when she feels like it)

That is right! Our little Payton is standing for a while by herself. She may take a step or two only to plop down on her tiny tushy. I can't believe that our baby is already getting ready to take on the world. I am posting a picture of her standing in her Halloween Tinkerbell costume.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's Make a Deal

For the last couple years Les has been wanting a new snowmobile, but every year something else comes up (miscarriage and the birth of Payton) and we are not able to buy one. We bought a new truck in January of this year and the old truck is still not sold. In fact it has been in a shop in Spanish Fork for the last 4 months. If he can get the shop to finally finish fixing the truck and can get it sold by the end of December he can buy a new snowmobile. That is only 3 months to get it fixed and get it sold. If not, the old one will have to do for another year. To be honest, I really doubt we will be buying a new one this year.
October 6th-I may have to take that statement back. The truck is suddenly fixed and we picked it up on Thursday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Summer is coming to an end and the chilly mornings have arrived. We decided to go shopping for the girls some new fall clothes with our good friends Dave and Heidi on Monday. We started picking out jeans for Addi when she stomped her foot and yelled "MOM! I can't have those! They don't have sparkles!" Who knew that when they turn 3 they suddenly need sparkles on their jeans and Hannah Montana on their shirts? If she is this picky about clothes now I don't have a clue what we are going to do when she is 15!!!