Thursday, May 19, 2011

Addison's Kindergarten Graduation

We are so proud of Addison! She graduated from Kindergarten today. She loves math and reading and is even almost an entire year ahead in reading. Great Job!

Vegas and Jan's Graduation

We went down to Las Vegas last Saturday and came home on Tuesday so that we could see Jan graduate from medical school. It was about 75-80 degrees with a breeze the entire time, but was nice to get out and take a couple days off of work. We stayed at Tahiti Village where the hotel is non-smoking and they have a great pool and a Denny's inside. It was very kid friendly for a Las Vegas strip hotel. We had a good time and wish her luck in Florida.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Payton-Dance Dress-Up

Payton will start dance next year, but felt very left out when Addi got to get all prettied up for her dance photos last Thursday. I grabbed Addis recital costume from 2 years ago and curled Paytons hair all up (the best I could for her short hair). The result was darling. I let them go play in the outfits for a couple hours since we no longer had a need for them.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Addison's Dance Recital

Addison not only looked like a princess all dolled up, but did a great job at her recital on Monday. We are so proud of her.

Tulip Festival-May 7th

On Saturday we took the to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point in their spring dresses. It was not what I expected, but was gorgeous. It took nearly 2 hours for us to walk along all of the pathways of tulips. The weather was also quite nice so we finished the afternoon there with ice cream cones on the grass in front of their huge waterfalls. Perfect day! FYI-This is my tummy at 19 weeks.