Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Year

I haven't posted in what seems like forever, so here is my attempt to quickly catch up. Our family had a great holiday season.
We made the usual rounds at Thanksgiving and were able to spend some time with Les' uncle Lee and his family in Park City for a couple of days afterwards. We changed real estate agents in November and the house remains on the market. After much construction, snow storms and pothole repair I am very anxious to get moved closer to work. We had a family look at the house yesterday morning. Hopefully we will find the right people to purchase it soon.

Payton turned 3 years old on December 14th. We had a Dora The Explorer birthday for her and combined it to celebrate Weston's 2nd birthday at the same time. She is such a hoot, always keeping us entertained.
Christmas was wonderful as usual. The girls were extreemly spoiled this year. It took me literally 3 hours to open the 10 Barbies and many other items that were tightly secured in their packaging.
Well, it's a new year already. Work for me has been challenging, yet a wonderful opportunity of growth in the last month. Les hopes to be employed until May. I am sad to see him have to make a job switch after 8 years of working at Natures Way, but not much we can do about their move to Green Bay. Who knows, maybe he will find something better...

Addison will be turning 6 in March. The Pinkalicious party planning has already begun. She is doing great in school. Reading above Kindergarten expectations.

More to come...