Monday, January 26, 2009

New House

Today when I went to pick the girls up from my parents Addi was trying to make a house with a small box. My mom thought that maybe Les could bring Addi home a bigger box so she could actually make one big enough to sit into. This is what he brought home. She has now been playing for an hour. She had Les cut a door and windows. Maybe this will help keep her busy. A free cardboard box. Who knew?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is She Just Bored?

So the last week or so Addi has been tormenting Payton like crazy! Today I was in Addi's room after church helping her get play clothes on for dinner at my parents when she pushed Payton into her open closet and shut the doors! Then tonight when we put her in the tub she wanted to play for a while, so Les gave her a toy and told her to make sure she kept the water in the tub. Two seconds later Payton and the floor were soaking wet. What is with that? She has never acted this way with her little sister. My mom who watches them all week while we work even mentioned that she has been pushing and taking away toys. I think maybe she is just bored! The funny thing is that if Les and I split them up for a couple hours she whines for her sister back. She really loves her, but thinks it is funny to make her scream I guess. Maybe she just needs a playdate or two. Anyone have kids they would like to loan me that would keep her busy? The neighbor said that she will be calling this week to have her over to play with her little girl, but I am worried that she may need more stimulation in her day. What is a mom to do? She is almost 4. Pre-school?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I got the chance to go to New Jersey for a day for work. Such a long flight for very little work, but it was fun to get out and have some time to myself to think. I left yesterday morning and everything seemed to be going well until we got over Michigan. They informed us that the weather in New Jersey was causing visibility problems and we would have to circle for a while before we could be cleared to proceed on. We circled for about 40 minutes and were then cleared. When we were just about to the airport they had us circle again for at least a half hour before finally landing the plane. The person I was meeting there was coming in from Chicago and their flight had also been delayed. I waiting an extra 1 1/3 for that flight to come in. When we went to get in the rental car they had the wrong car in the spot, so we waited again. We then drove 40 minutes to our hotel to check in. After doing so we met back up and decided to go for dinner. One small problem. The vehicle we had was really new (only 27 miles when we picked it up) and had a button ignition. We couldn't figure it out for 10 minutes. Kinda funny, but kind of embarrasing for her-I mean both of us! What an adventure.
Now about the picture. To the untrained eye it may look like your ordinary hotel room bed, right? Wrong!!! I was unusually happy after the day we had already had to get a disturbance free night of rest. No kids waking me up to get a bottle or help them zip their PJ's up after a potty break in the night. No husband hitting me with his elbows while he is tossing and turning. I checked my phone to set the alarm and noticed that it was still on Utah time. No big deal, right? I just decided that if I needed to be up at 6AM that I would have to set the alarm for 4AM MST. When my alarm went off I showered, packed up and headed for the lobby. Really strange that it was so dark for 7AM and nobody was around. Even stranger that the breakfast was not out yet. I asked the desk clerk the time and just then realized that my phone must have automatically changed itself to the local time in the night. I don't know why it took over 5 hours to do so, but it did. I had actually woken up at 2AM MST and gotten ready for the day. I tried to go back to my room and sleep a little, but it really didn't work. So not funny!
Coming home was beautiful. It was clearer so I was able to see some of New York's city and we also flew over Niagra Falls. I couldn't see much from the plane, but it was neat just to know that I saw it with my own eyes. I am glad to be home with my girls and hubby and am now going to get some rest!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


This morning I opened my laptop before I left the house to see if I had anymore messages from my cousin. I did. He informed me that everyone in his family is doing well and that he has a younger sister Gabrielle that was born in 2000. I am overwhelmed with joy. I can't wait until I can get a picture of her, of all of them. Right now this is all kinda unreal. Maybe it will soak in later. This year is definately starting off the right way!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year News

A few great things have happened this week. To start with I just found my cousins that I have not seen since I was 12 on facebook. I am so overwhelmed with excitement. We had so much fun when we were little. This is how I remember them. Mostly I am glad that they are OK. Being able to fill in pieces of the puzzle is so cool!
On a cool, but not so important note I purchased a treadmill. I have to wait for a week for it to be delivered, but it is a really nice one and I plan on using it a ton. Maybe I will be a little slimmer for 2009.