Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flag Cake-Fourth of July

My Uncle Sean was killed in a car accident on May 31st. A couple weeks later my Grandma Peart passed away due to heart complications. My poor mom has had quite the busy summer so far and has spent a lot of time in the last while moving things out of and cleaning Grandma's house so that it can be sold. My Grandma used to make all kinds of cakes including wedding cakes and birthday cakes. She was amazing with it, so it was no suprise when my mom found several pans in her house. She passed down at least a dozen shaped cake pans to me and I am thrilled to try them all out. The dates on the pans go way back to 1973 (10 years before I was born), but work all the same for baking. On the July 4th weekend I decided to try out one of the American flag. I found a photo online of one they had done in layers. The middle layer is vanilla ice cream and the others are vanilla cake colored with food coloring. I was really pleased with the way it turned out, but should have thrown a party to have it all eaten. You can tell that the girls also had a good weekend in their flag shirts, festive hair and doing fireworks in the rain.

Pregnancy Update

Just 2 1/2 months left until our sweet baby girl Leah Paige is due! We had a little scare last Wednesday when I woke up to contractions and cramping pains. Once we got to the hospital to have it checked out they found out that I had an UTI that was causing it and put me on antibiotics to avoid a very dangerous Kidney infection. They also did a Fetal Fibronectic test that came back positive. A negative would have been very accurate in telling that labor was not going to start in the next two weeks. A positive just puts me at a higher risk for preterm labor. We will just have to take it easy for a while, but everything looked fine at my checkup yesterday. Only 8 lbs gained. The photo is of me about two weeks ago.