Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We had a great time in the hot Anaheim weather, but it's good to be home! We rode all the rides in Disneyland and most of the rides in California Adventure. We got to see a bunch of the characters (even Tink on her 2nd day at Disneyland), a parade and a fireworks show. Addison even got a special "year of a million dreams" meeting with two of the princesses. Addi and I even took a swim in the freezing cold swimming pool. We were able to have dinner with Les' uncle and his family who live nearby on Friday at the Rainforest Cafe. It was so nice to be able to see them even though it was just for dinner. We are looking forward to seeing them again for Thanksgiving in St. George. By the time our heads would hit our pillows we were out, but it was so worth it.

Addi's three Disneyland favorites:

  1. Favorite Ride-Splash Mountain

  2. Favorite Disneyland Treat- Mickey Ice Cream Bar

  3. Favorite Characters-Princesses and Tink

Payton at Disneyland-I noticed on the way to the airport this morning that Payton finally has her first tooth!!! Also, Les let her pick out a stuffed animal suvenier and she went crazy over Remi (the rat from Rattitoui). You would think she would pick something at least sorta cute!!! Oh well she loves it. Also, we were so amazed at how many rides she was able to go on. She rode on one of our laps on at least half of the rides. Les and I took turns taking Addi when Payton couldn't go.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Packing Payton

We are packing like crazy for tomorrow morning and Addi tells me to hurry up cause we haven't even packed Payton yet. Well, I took the most straightforward definition of packing Payton and you can see what happened. Had to hurry and post it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Disney Or Bust

Only three more days until we fly to the fabulously magical land of Disney!!! Addi and I have been preparing an autograph book for all the characters since June. Now only if we can find all the characters and get the autographs. Addi is only really concerned about the princesses. As long as she gets to see them I think we will be fine. We have been scoping out their hang out spots on the internet and looking at all the fun rides and such. I am sure I will have tons of photos to post when we get back next Monday. Until then.......

Monday, October 13, 2008


I've been tagged!!! I guess I am to list 5 quirks about myself. Here goes...

  1. I hate the taste of eggs!!! I can eat an omelet if it has ham, cheese, peppers and tons of salsa, but forget it if I can taste the egg.
  2. For some strange reason I can't sleep with socks on. Even if I am freezing cold and fall asleep with them on I will find them in my bed the next morning.
  3. When I am tired I tend to play with my hair. Not sure why I do it, but I always have.
  4. I hate snow!!! I hate to drive in it, hate the way it covers the grass (and everything else) and hate how freezing cold it is. Last winter I got to stay in bed most of the snowy season and I was so very happy about it. I love the rain though even if it is overcast.
  5. I can't stand people that are always late and don't call. It drives me crazy!!! My Mom's family are the worst with this and I get so annoyed when people show up an hour late without calling and act like nothing is wrong with it. Phone calls are not that hard to make!!!

I tag Krystal and Melissa-

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

some kids still have manners these days

My dad usually takes Sammi a mile down the road to the bus stop since she started riding the regular bus. He is out of town hunting for the next couple weeks, so after I drop the girls off to my mom in the mornings I take her to the bus stop and wait with her for the bus. I have been so very impressed with the young boy that is her same age (Clay, 13) that lives on her road. He stands behind her and makes sure she gets on the bus just fine. When I pick her up on the way home I see him wait at the front of the bus for her, get off with her, and wait to walk across the street with her. He is so very genuinely kind to her that it is amazing. Sometimes it seems like the young kids now days are not taught to be respectful and kind to each other (let along a child with a handicap such as Sammi), but this young boy taught me this week that there are still people out there with manners. It came to my attention that it probably only takes a couple extra seconds to a minute to do this each day, but what a difference it makes not only to Sammi, but to me and my family.
-I just realized how cheesy this post is. Oh well-

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Done Painting

We are finished painting (when I say "we" I mean Les, Jon and Andy)! It looks fabulous! I am amazed at how much a fresh coat (four coats for the maroon) of paint does for the overall look of the house. I can't wait until everyone can come see it. That means all of you!
Now if only I can talk Les into letting us paint Addi's crazy room! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Addison and Madyson

Addison has made a fun, energetic new friend. Her name is Madyson (since they are three they think that it is so silly that their names are almost the same). I work with/am friends with Madyson's step-mom and thought they could both use another friend. They are in dance together along with Madyson's cousin Briley. They dance and make up songs and so hillarious when they are together. I have so much fun watching them.