Sunday, October 5, 2008

Done Painting

We are finished painting (when I say "we" I mean Les, Jon and Andy)! It looks fabulous! I am amazed at how much a fresh coat (four coats for the maroon) of paint does for the overall look of the house. I can't wait until everyone can come see it. That means all of you!
Now if only I can talk Les into letting us paint Addi's crazy room! Wish me luck!


Melissa Badertscher said...

I like it! It brings out the different colors in the carpet too. Great job!

heidihim said...

Wow that adds so much! When we move next month (did David tell you guys that, we finally found a house!) I want to do something with a wall because its all new paint but its ALL beige! That maroon on the arch adds a lot of depth to the room i like it!