Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Photos

On Wednesday our friend Heidi took photos of our little family for us. They turned out really well. She does a great job in case you are in the market for a photographer. Click on her site on the side of my blog to see our photos along with the other great stuff she has done.
Thanks Heidi!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday April 10

As you can see Addison cut Payton's hair on Thursday night. Most every little girl does it at some point. I cut off an entire pigtail when I was 5.

While the stylist was trimming Addison's hair we found out she also cut her own a bit. This was Payton's first hair cut. She held very still while they were cutting her hair. I was nervous that she would hate it as I have heard horror turned out kinda cute.

After the hair cuts we hung a new wreath on the fence where "uncle Quinn" passed away. Saturday marked four years since his death. We miss him so much.
Later Les and I took the girls to one of the parks down the road to use their chalk sprayers and fly kites. As you can see Payton was actually very good at it. She just walked in circles oblivious to the kite following her. It was so cute. Gotta love em! They keep life fun!


We had a great Easter weekend. I used my new toy to create an Easter Cake on Friday. The girls had two egg hunts on Saturday and then another get together and egg hunt on Sunday. We spent the rest of the day driving around Lehi looking at houses. Unfortunately we didn't find anything we liked.