Sunday, September 11, 2011

Starting School Dance and Stitches

Addison started 1st grade 3 weeks ago. Her teacher is Mrs. Toutie this year. She is having a good time and is glad to be back to learning. She has decided not to take dance this year because she would rather learn to play the piano. We are currently on the hunt for a teacher. I am so proud of her and know that Grandma Peart would be thrilled that she is going to play her old piano that we now have at our house.

Payton is now old enough for Preschool and Dance. She is so excited that she is finally doing "big girl" stuff away from home. Her Preschool is only one street away and her teacher is Mrs. Amy. She also began dance two weeks ago at Limelight dance studio here in Payson. She is adorable in her dance clothes and loves it so far.

Two weeks ago today the girls were playing on the trampoline after Sunday dinner at my parents house. Payton was double bounced and landed on the metal bar. I was in the house at the time, but her daddy and Papa were right there. When I found out and ran outside she was covered in blood and sitting on the grass and Papa was doing his best to get rid of the blood on her face with the hose so we could see what the problem was. She ended up with a gash next to her left eyebrow so we took her to the instacare for stitches. They gave her 2 inside and 7 outside. Other than crying for a minute or two when she got hurt she didn't say a peep. No tears at the Dr.'s office getting the stitches in and no tears getting them out. What a brave girl. It is healing really nicely and doesn't look like she will have much of a scar.

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Alesha said...

Oh poor girl Payton, those darn eyebrow stitches. Almost in the exact spot Astella had her stitches. What a brave girl, they are getting so big.