Monday, January 26, 2009

New House

Today when I went to pick the girls up from my parents Addi was trying to make a house with a small box. My mom thought that maybe Les could bring Addi home a bigger box so she could actually make one big enough to sit into. This is what he brought home. She has now been playing for an hour. She had Les cut a door and windows. Maybe this will help keep her busy. A free cardboard box. Who knew?

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heidihim said...

That's so cute! Hey I just wanted to tell you I have been to a lot of preschools doing school pictures and I know of an awesome one in Spanish Fork. It is a pretty small class but the teachers are so good! They are two ladies who used to teach and now are teaching again because all their kids are in school now. I will send Savannah there if they are still doing it when she's old enough. Our 2 nieces went there and I bet Addy would love it, whether right now or or in a year. I'll give you their number when we see you tomorrow! I don't know what they cost but i will find out.