Thursday, November 13, 2008

Payton is Walking!!!

For the past week or two Payton would walk, but only when bribed with mini M&M's. Yesterday she figured out that she can stand up in the middle of the room and walk around. I am so very proud of her. It is fun to watch the wheels just turning in her mind. She giggles while she is walking which is really very cute, but does not help her keep sturdy.
She has also started to try talking. She can now say "Dada", "Papa", "Mama", "Nana", "Addi" and "Ut-oh". When we talk to her she has started to really stare at our mouths like she is trying to figure out how we are saying things. She is growing and learning so quickly. Every week she learns something new. Addi can't wait until she is a "big girl" and can play pretend.
Another thing she is doing this week is refusing baby food and formula. She will only drink about 3 bottles per day now and will refuse her baby food if anyone is eating any regular food anywhere near her. She loves Mac & Cheese and Vegetable Beef soup, but will really eat anything, unlike her big sister.
-So proud of her!!!

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Melissa Badertscher said...

Did Les tell you that she stood up by herself on Tuesday and walked about 10 ft to get to me in the middle of the family room? It was awesome to see her do it. Addi saw it as well and said the she only did it for you but bot with daddy unless he had candy. It was funny she told me that. It is amaizing to see her grow and change in the last 10 months I have watched them.