Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's Make a Deal

For the last couple years Les has been wanting a new snowmobile, but every year something else comes up (miscarriage and the birth of Payton) and we are not able to buy one. We bought a new truck in January of this year and the old truck is still not sold. In fact it has been in a shop in Spanish Fork for the last 4 months. If he can get the shop to finally finish fixing the truck and can get it sold by the end of December he can buy a new snowmobile. That is only 3 months to get it fixed and get it sold. If not, the old one will have to do for another year. To be honest, I really doubt we will be buying a new one this year.
October 6th-I may have to take that statement back. The truck is suddenly fixed and we picked it up on Thursday.

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