Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally Painting

We have finally begun painting the upstairs of our home. The main walls will be tan with one maroon accent wall. We are also repainting the trim white. We got all the trim in the kitchen finished late last night. I am so excited. I have been begging Les to paint since we bought the house in January. It was just too much white and had too many bad touch up spots. When it is done I will post a picture. Special thanks to my bro-in-law Jon who got us the paint and is going to help us pull this project off. We are not great painters, so I am greatful that we have the talent in our family.


Shannon said...

Hey congrats on the painting!!! we are just about finished with ours and it has been a long time coming so i know how you feel:)

The Daley Family said...

Hey Val, I found your blog through melissa and randals!!
mine is markandangiedaley.blogspot.com