Monday, December 17, 2012

New House

I am way behind in blogging so here is my atempt to make it up.  This photo was taken the week before we moved into our new home in Lehi.  We made the move on September 15th.  Although it has been really hard for the girls to move and leave their friends we love living in Lehi. 
We put sprinklers and grass in during October and then added cement and gravel for trailer parking and cement borders for flower beds and a playground.  In the spring we will be adding a playground, fence and plants/flowers completing the yard. 
All boxes are unpacked and we are feeling more settled into the house.  We added onto the cabinets in the kitchen just after we moved in.  We felt like we were told there would be more of them when we met to design the house, but they were never built.  Such a mess!  It looks amazing now though.  

Have you been over to see it?  No?  Well, all family and friends are invited to stop by and take a peek.

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