Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News and Pinkalicious Party

So I tried not to blog for a while on purpose as not to spoil the news too soon......WE ARE EXPECTING #3!!!- I know, I know we said we were done, but just couldn't resist the feeling that we needed to add just one more before we were officially done. 14 weeks today!

We had Addi's Pinkalicious party on March 19th (my birthday, but moms make sacrafices). It turned out really cute. We hired two 14 year old girls to paint fingernails of Addi's guests and then they all made pink necklaces. We had Pinkalicious cupcakes, pink lemonaide and pink ice cream while Les read the book to the girls. We also had a table of all kinds of pink candy for the girls to make a goody bag with. So much fun. Can't believe she is 6!

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