Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

On Christmas morning we woke up to Payton taking her first fall out of her big girl bed and hitting her head on the dial to the vent on the floor. Poor thing. She wouldn't go back to sleep so around 6AM we let her wake Addi up to unwrap presents. Addi got her beloved Nintendo DS from Les and I and the big doll house she had been wanting from Santa along with many other things like a snuggie and Hannah Montana bedding and curtains. Payton got a Fur Real Friends Kitty, a Preschool Tinkerbell Scooter and Tinkerbell bedding and curtains for her newly redone room. I was lucky enough for Santa to bring me an external flash for my camera! I promise the pictures on this blog will be better from now on because of that! I also got a cupcake cookbook from Les, a Hannah Montana CD from Addi (LOL) and new towels from Payton. Les got a new tool set, a saw from my parents and a larger deep fat fryer that he had been wanting from his mom. Looking back at all this and realizing that this list is just a small portion of the gift list all I have to say is.........WE ARE SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a great time with both of our families and at our own home with the girls over the long holiday weekend. We managed to break this year's gingerbread house and had to get another set to replace the roof. Les and I were laughing so hard that we couldn't even try to fix it. We made yummy sugar cookies for Santa and took candles to Quinn's gravesite on Christmas Eve. So many great memories have been had. I would be very optimistic if I said that 2010 could be any better!

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