Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day 13 years in the making

Remember a while back when I posted about finding my cousin Marlin from Australia on facebook? Well, his mom, dad and two sisters are in Utah and I was able to spend 6 hours with them today. I haven't seen them in 13 years and hadn't met Gabby at all since she is 9. It was amazing to see the family gather to see them and the tears and emotion that came with it all come out as they walked in the door. I love to hear their stories about Australia and the things they have there and what the family has been through the past 13 years. Couldn't have had a better day (unless Marlin Jr. could have come). I will be seeing him here as well. Date to be determined, but hopefully it will be a more permanant stay.

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heidihim said...

That's awesome - don't ever let anyone say you waste time on facebook!