Friday, May 8, 2009

Vegas and Addi's Dance Recital

We had a blast this week! It started out with a trip to Vegas from Tuesday to Thursday and then we came home just in time to get Addi all dolled up for her dance recital.
We went swimming, took a walk down the Vegas strip, visited the Seigfried and Roy animal habitat, and lots more. The girls spent the second night at Grandma Jan's house and had a ball while Les and I played a couple slot machines and enjoyed a date night at a magic show and dinner. They were even really good in the car.
Addi did such a great job at her dance recital and she was darling dancing away. Thanks to those that were able to come watch.

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heidihim said...

Addi is such a doll! And I'm jealous of your fun vegas trip! I am actually going to vegas this weekend but for a wedding so I'll be dinking around the temple grounds instead of living it up on the strip. too bad!