Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So Sick

All four of the members of our darling little family are sick! We were fine on Friday, but woke up sick on Saturday. Les started getting it later on Saturday night. The girls both have it and Payton has had a hard time sleeping and has been needing mommy a little more than usual. I can't believe how many other people I know have it. I tried to go to work for only a couple hours Monday since we were all sick, but got stuck staying for the day, so Tuesday the girls and I took a sick day. For the first half of the day we lounged around and watched cartoons in our pajamas wrapped in our blankets. Then we did laundry and dishes. We made cookies together and while Payton took a nap Addi and I played Chinese Checkers. They were so good considering we were so sick that we used half a box of tissues in just that one day. What started out to be a horrible day turned into a fantastic day at home with my girls. Poor Les came home with hardly any voice left. He is still that way. He is a trooper though and as long as I am willing to stay at home with the girls when they need one of us he is happy to be at work. How nice is that?!?

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