Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Cookies

Addi and I made Valentine's cookies today. She has been planning it since Christmas was over. She has been making plans for everything lately. She even has plans for Halloween already. If we do something other what she has planned she gets upset. It is really funny.
Another funny thing... While we were making cookies she heard Payton drop a toy on the tile downstairs and said " I heard Payton drop a toy. Sound waves travel through air, Mom. That is how I know she dropped it". When I asked her where she learned that she told me "I am only three, but I watch Sid The Science Kid at Grammy's." The things she learns!!! So great!


heidihim said...

I still don't believe she's only 3...i'm pretty sure a 20 year old brain snuck into her little body:)

Alesha said...

Valerie, it's your cousin Alesha. Send me your email address and I'll invite to our blog,