Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Why is Christmas shopping so difficult? First of all there are those people who nobody understands and therefore nobody has any idea whatsoever what to buy them for any occasion. Second of all I hate shopping without taking Les or Addi with me, but in order to sneak out to buy the presents from 'Santa' I have to do it while Les has the girls. The most recent problem I am having is deciding what to buy Payton. What do you buy a tiny little girl who is having a birthday just over a week before Christmas and is turning one? There are only so many outfits that she needs and only so many little toys that are appealing. I am completely stumped! After doing the birthday shopping and a tiny bit of Christmas we are out of ideas. I really notice how spoiled our family is when we already have everything and there is nothing left to buy. I should be counting my blessings. Especially since the country has now officially declared a recession.

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heidihim said...

david says let's just give savannah the wrapping paper this year because that's all she'll want anyway! you could save all the paper from payton's birthday and give it to her as a christmas present! just kidding - little girls are way too fun to shop for for that! Also i'm so sorry i just realized i spelled Payton's name wrong on my photo blog. a little girl in one of the preschools i did spells it the other way so i got them mixed up!